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PostSubject: moderators   Thu Apr 24, 2008 10:26 pm

do not give give temp status to everyone who joins the server, lmao and then promote them...

they will just abuse untill they are caught... liike i seen orcabros use !addtime 111111 or something like that

<CNCbot> [NR] Host: [NR] OrcasBro has been granted Temporary Moderator Status By [GLF]Bioh4zarD
<CNCbot> [NR] Host: [NR] OrcasBro has been promoted to a Level 4 Moderator by [GLF]Bioh4zarD
<CNCbot> [NR] Host: [NR] OrcasBro has been promoted to a level 3 Moderator by [GLF]Bioh4zarD

<CNCbot> [NR] dangles20: what the fucken hell
<+Bioh4zarD> lol
<CNCbot> [NR] Host: [NR] Dark_Hitugaya killed dangles20.
<CNCbot> [NR] dsgsuper: loool
<CNCbot> [NR] dangles20: wtf was that
<%Dark_Hitugaya> hes owned
<CNCbot> [NR] OrcasBro: cool 58 deaths
<CNCbot> [NR] dsgsuper: you say you want more
<CNCbot> [NR] OrcasBro: lol true
<CNCbot> [NR] dangles20: maybe
<CNCbot> [NR] OrcasBro: still
<CNCbot> [NR] dsgsuper: you still want?
<CNCbot> [NR] dangles20: come fight bitch
<CNCbot> [NR] OrcasBro: !kill dang
<CNCbot> [NR] Host: [NR] OrcasBro killed dangles20.
<CNCbot> [NR] OrcasBro: i won
<CNCbot> [NR] dangles20: i mean fight

<CNCbot> [NR] OrcasBro: !addtime 99999999
<CNCbot> [NR] dangles20: you don't want to end this game
<CNCbot> [NR] OrcasBro: !addtime 111111
<CNCbot> [NR] Host: [NR] 111111 minutes have been added onto the time limit.

dont promote any temp mod
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PostSubject: Re: moderators   Sat Apr 26, 2008 5:11 pm

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